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Events - Terms, Fees and Sample Contract Language for Events

Terms for Wedding Events

- Eight hour maximum for the main event with additional time for set-up.

- Prices are for the "main event" only. If you wish to hold the rehearsal dinner at Oakland Green or stay overnight, we can accommodate for an additional charge.

- 135 persons maximum

- If there are more than 50 guests, a tent must be obtained by the reserving party. We can recommend a vendor.

- Reservation will be confirmed upon receipt of the "Letter of Agreement," signed by you and accompanied by a deposit in the amount of $200.00.

- Payment in full is expected at least seven days prior to the event.

- Your deposit will be returned if we are notified of cancellation of the proposed event 90 days in advance.

- By requesting the use of Oakland Green Farm, you agree to assume full financial responsibility and liability for any damage or loss of objects or property belonging to Oakland Green Farm and for any personal injury incurred during or as a result of each use. You also agree to abide by the attached list of procedures governing special use of Oakland Green Farm.

50 - 135 guests; tent required $3,000.00
fewer than 50 guests; no tent required $2,000.00
Insurance Fee Per Wedding Event (secured by Oakland Green to cover property damage or personal injury) $100.00

Other Events

- Reservation will be confirmed upon receipt of the "Non-Wedding Letter of Agreement," signed by you and accompanied by a deposit in the amount of $150.00.

- Your deposit will be returned if we are notified of cancellation of the proposed event 14 days in advance.

1-30 guests (including children) $450.00
Per person over 30 (up to a maximum of 49 (including children) $15.00 per additional person

Letter of Agreement for the Use of Oakland Green Farm (Weddings)

1. Rental fees are based on an event duration of eight hours. Additional time is allowed for set-up, as mutually agreed upon.

During the hours of the event, use includes the grounds, the log house (upstairs and downstairs) and the first floor of the main house, including the kitchen. The second floor private quarters are not open.

2. A deposit must accompany the signed letter of agreement. The deposit will be refunded if the event is cancelled within 90 days of its occurrence.

3. The organization or individual using the property must engage a caterer who should be in contact with Oakland Green 90 days prior to the event to go over arrangements.

4. The caterer will provide all personnel, food, drinks, linens, coat racks, tableware, flowers, extra furniture, etc. as needed. We provide protective pads to be used under linens. Adequate personnel for setting up, taking down, and moving furniture shall be provided by the caterer and supervised by Oakland Green Farm personnel. No furniture or objects belonging to Oakland Green Farm may be moved without the approval of the owners. The caterer or the contract organization/individual should also supply suitable trash receptacles and must remove all trash and empty bottles/containers after the event. We must charge $100 if this is overlooked.

NOTE TO BARTENDER: Please do not empty liquid onto grass — it kills! It would be appreciated if liquid could be emptied into a pail or bucket and then disposed of at the driveway (where there is gravel to absorb).

5. A family member of Oakland Green Farm will be present to supervise the main house during the event, to answer questions of historical nature, etc.

6. Amplified music is permitted until 11:00 p.m. A dance floor may be rented only if set up the day before and removed the day after the event because of damage to the grass. We regrettably cannot permit dancing in the house.

7. SMOKING IS PROHIBITED IN THE HOUSE. Smoking areas outside will be well marked.

8. Please throw grass seed at weddings as we do not allow rice or confetti.



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